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Is This The Best You Got?

LIFT Staff

In the age of Scan and Go, Self-Checkout, and the ambitious Amazon Go, Best Buy is kicking it old school with one of the slowest checkout experiences I have had since Donnie T was just a real estate mogul. 

I ran into the local Best Buy on Sunday to grab an adaptor for my kids headphones to use on the iPhone 7 (thanks Apple!).  Asked the greeter where to find the product I needed, was whisked to the mobile device department, found the $10 adaptors (3 of them) and was off to the register in record time (strangely, not many shoppers in store).  Once at the checkout, the quick trip was derailed by a Quick Bowl moderator behind the counter.

"Are you a Reward Zone member?" ...."No"

"Want to be one? “...”No"

"How about a phone number?"...No

"Go ahead and punch in your Zip for me."...Sure

"Want that receipt emailed to you?"...No

"Everything look right on the screen?".... No

"How about a bag today?"...Noooooooo!!!!!

My quick trip had turned into an interrogation only rivaled by my kids playing "I am Thinking of an Animal". It wasn’t just the questions, it seemed like the card processor was using the same dial-up as an ATM at a Stuckey’s in the middle of Oklahoma. 

I get this is not the young man behind the counters fault.  I understand Best Buy is trying to gather information on their declining number of in-store customers and provide them with life-changing savings and e-mailable offers.  Time, money and convenience is the name of the game today.  Be like every other retailer and retarget me online, follow me around the internet, hound me with hyper-targeted display ads on my phone, litter my social feed, creep me out by serving me ads when I am thinking about electronics. 

But if I do come in the store to pick up a few items, please have it in stock, let me find it quickly, and then let me get out of the store and back to my kids and important stuff like continuing the roundtable discussion on Jake or Logan Paul…who is cooler? 

That's it.