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Walmart Buries the Competition in Charitable Giving

LIFT Staff

Big props to Walmart and the Walmart Foundation for again stepping up to the plate and leading retailer relief efforts for Texas and Florida communities.  Walmart has pledged $30 million in aid to affected areas, as well as, 1,700 full truckloads of supplies.  Whereas Amazon and Target, both have donated $1 million to the cause.  Certainly nothing to turn your nose up at, and everything helps, but Walmart consistently outpaces its competitors in charitable giving.

In 2016 alone, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation pledged $1.4 billion to organization around the world, not to mention 1.25 million of associate man hours in their communities.  In a world where most companies, and individuals for that matter, want their good deeds screamed out from the mountain tops, it seems Walmart takes the more humble approach, which is something to be admired.  When Walmart is in the cross-hairs of public scrutany for not paying a living wage, or driving small businesses out of communities, it would be easy for them to tout all of their good deeds, but you often don't hear about all the good they collectively do in the world. 

Listen, I am not drinking the kool-aid and proclaiming everything the retail giant does is pure gold, but it is nice to see Walmart, Walmart Foundation and Walton Family Foundation give so much, and seemingly not wanting a pat on the back.  Bezos and team may be in a race long term race with Walmart for world domination, but they are certainly falling behind when it comes to philanthropy.