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We are more than just a food or retail products broker.  LIFT is a true sales and marketing partner that understands our client’s business from top to bottom and puts them in the best position to succeed.  We are not just another “broker” looking to set up a few meetings and collect a check.  The LIFT Team carefully analyzes each potential client’s brand, book of business, then decides if we can add value to their current sales model.  We understand Walmart and Sam’s because we live and breathe it every day.  If your product isn’t ready for those channels, we have other deep-rooted relationships to cultivate sales for your product. 


We are storytellers. Our stories get your product on the shelf, and most importantly, our team of experts do the work to keep them there in the face of a constantly shifting market conditions. In today’s retail world, the only constant is change.  Retailers are changing the experience for their customers, and brands must be willing to change as well.  Our cross-functional team knows how to be nimble enough to change course when needed, but rigid when it comes to crafting the best deal for your company’s product. We are constantly mining for data-based insights to better understand the category, competitors, and your product’s position at Walmart and other national retailers. 

Our relationships are solid. Our data is impeccable. Our strategy is unmatched.

  • Category Management
  • Brand Strategy
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Replenishment
  • Warehousing
  • PO Tracking
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Planning


At LIFT, we have experience working across a broad scope of global sales channels. Each channel requires a unique expertise and we have the depth of understanding to position your products effectively and distinctly. Our relationships allow us to engage with buyers as trusted advocates. When a category buyer needs a refreshing new item, our team can seize the opportunity and bring your product to shelf efficiently. We will handle every aspect of the sales process, from initial sell in, item setup, insuring compliance, and back-end sales support.

  • Mass Retail- Walmart, Target, Trader Joe’s, HEB
  • Club Channel- Sam’s, Costco, Restaurant Depot
  • Sporting Goods – Academy, Dicks, Cabelas, Bass Pro
  • Truck and Farm- TSC, Atwoods, Sutherlands, Orscheln
  • Discount- Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar
  • Alternate Channels- Food Service, Schools, Military, Institutional
  • Omnichannel Integration-,,
  • Drug- Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid


Getting the product on the shelf can sometimes be the easy part; keeping it there is where the hard work comes into play. We collect data from multiple sources, analyze it, and then transform it into real insights to improve your sales and increase in-store performance. We establish and check key performance indicators and parlay that into promotional recommendations and product strategy to continue to win at the shelf and the cash register. We will generate user-friendly reports and create action plans you can trust.

  • Research and Data Collection
  • Analytics
  • Category Analysis
  • SKU Performance
  • Promotional Tracking
  • Distribution Analysis
  • Replenishment Performance
  • Consumer Insights
  • Product Forecasting
  • Production Planning
  • Deduction and Bill Back Verification


We partner with our in-house, full-service creative agency, BLKBOX, to provide our clients every tool available to engage with their customers. It all starts with creating a holistic brand strategy and then bridging to an innovative brand identity.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Execution
  • Content Production (Video and Stills)
  • Social Content
  • Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy
  • Promotional Ideation
  • Package Design
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Print Collateral
  • Retailtainment
  • In-store Promotions


Speed is key in retail. Those who are open to innovation, and can create on the fly, get the shelf. We have everything under one roof to bring a vision to commercialized reality. Product development, supplier management, package design, category analysis, focus groups, and more. Soup to nuts, we have it covered.

  • Product Development
  • Private Label
  • Package Design
  • New Item Rollout
  • Sourcing
  • Brand Creation and Strategy


We don’t just talk about “partnerships,” we want to put our money where our mouth is. We can supply not only intellectual capital, but financial capital as well. Whether you are ready to invest in growing your business and want a partner, or need money to buy out a competitor, we are here to be a trusted partner for the next chapter of your business.

  • Capital Infusion
  • Equity Partners
  • Value Added Partnerships


  1. Great People - People are priority, and not only in our shop. We want to work with great clients who think beyond top-line revenue.
  2. Great Products - We can make lemonade out of lemons, but we aim to push products that can redefine their category.
  3. Great Partnerships - We think of ourselves as part of your team. We will invest our capital and incentivize our team to grow your business. We want a little skin in the game.
  4. Great Principles - As the adage goes, “Work Hard, Play Hard”. We know it, we own it, we live it. We work hard to give our families the best life possible… both our work family and our families at home. We expect a motivated, entrepreneurial spirit during work hours, but when the final bell rings, we have been known to cut loose a bit.